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A Farewell to our Legal Fellow and Interns

02 Jan, 2024

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A Farewell to our Legal Fellow and Interns

On December 12, 2023, NFA and CAPN concluded a three-month case mapping program. Subsequently, on December 20, 2023 upon the completion of the mapping program, we organised a farewell program for our Legal Fellow and the three Legal Interns, which concluded a three-month internship and fellowship program coordinated jointly by NFA and CAPN. The program provided a platform for three interns—Saramsha Aryal, Akriti Koirala, and Sauhard Rai—and one Fellow, Prakriti Niraula, to collaborate on tasks related to citizenship case mapping and management. Under the  mentorship of the Executive Director of NFA and guided by the Head of CAPN’s Legal Aid and Advocacy Department, the participants delved into the systematic recording of data from approximately 1400 individual case files collected by a CAPN member.

With a well-defined work plan, the team proceeded to conduct a comprehensive analysis of cases and identified trends related to citizenship denials in Nepal. They compiled their findings into a presentation, which they then shared with all members of the NFA and CAPN teams. This endeavour resulted in the development of a thorough database of the collected cases, an analytical report on the mapped cases, and the formulation of communication guidelines and a questionnaire essential for the subsequent phase.

Additionally, the Fellow, Prakriti Niraula, played a crucial role in legal research, meticulously compiling legislation and case laws pertaining to citizenship certificates in Nepal. The collective output of the Interns and the Fellow during this period was highly productive for both NFA and CAPN. This collaboration not only provided a unique opportunity for NFA and CAPN to work together but also mentor fresh law graduates and allowed for meaningful engagement on issues related to discriminatory nationality laws and statelessness.