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01 Feb, 2021

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Nationality for All (NFA) retains the legacy of Statelessness Network Asia Pacific (SNAP) but is also gradually creating an identity of its own. In the last one-year NFA continued its transition from a network of civil society organizations and coalitions to become a partner-based non-profit organization registered in Australia. Recreating organizational identity in a post-pandemic world was challenging but as the world switched to the digital realm, it allowed us to connect with organizations and individuals across the globe, listen to them and then shape our mission and vision accordingly.

Looking back at the last one-year NFA has been able to build a strong base for the organization to now take the next step in terms of building long-term partnerships. Through continuous consultations with grass-root organizations, activists and civil society organizations in the region, NFA has streamlined the thematic areas and identified partners in the region. NFA is in the process of finalizing a three-year strategic plan that focuses on greater engagement with persons with lived experiences and persons and organizations with significant learned experiences.

In the next one-year NFA plans to continue growing as an organization focusing on building greater trust with our partners. NFA also plans to provide technical expertise and identify resources for our partners. NFA will support four of our partners to build a roadmap to achieve advocacy goals. NFA will also support movement building activities of our partners. Additionally, NFA will explore the possibility of regional movement-building in the South East Asian and South Asian regions.

While finalizing NFA’s strategic plan, we spent a significant amount of time discussing the importance and strategies to ensure fair and meaningful participation of persons with lived experience and affected persons. We strongly believe that when persons with lived experience lead advocacy projects and activities, sustainable changes can be achieved. Thus, NFA will try to create spaces for persons with lived experience in the national, regional and global platforms.

Subin Mulmi