Fostering Change: The Power of Unified Partnerships

NFA was formed as a partnership based organization to have a targeted approach to addressing statelessness and to strengthen organizations that are led by persons with lived and learned experiences of statelessness. NFA identified four partners after a rigorous mapping of all the stakeholders working on statelessness in the region and after meeting with more than 30 organizations. Partners were chosen based on their alignment of values with NFA and the need experienced by our partners for NFA to fulfill. Three of the four organizations are led by affected persons and one of them is led by a person with learned experience of statelessness, who work closely with affected persons.

Family Frontiers (FF)

The Association of Family Support & Welfare Selangor & KL (Family Frontiers) is a registered entity established with the aim of advancing, promoting and strengthening the family unit so that no family is left behind. It acts as an umbrella body for the Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG), which supports and advocates for the welfare of Malaysian bi-national families and mobilises action for the Malaysian Campaign for Equal Citizenship. Family Frontiers aims to advance, promote and strengthen family unity and development so that no family is left behind.

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Council of Minorities (COM)

Council of Minorities is a Human Rights organization with a special focus on establishment of minorities and indigenous Rights.  CoM is trying to bring some changes in the society also to ensure the social, cultural, political, constitutional & economic rights of the minorities/indigenous peoples through partnership, networking, and advocacy and lobbying with the Government. Promoting and fostering mass awareness on minority rights and duties, Create social awareness against social stigma, discrimination and xenophobia by performing arts, including drama and documentary films and enhance the capacity of minorities peoples to organize minority rights training, seminars, workshops, Summits and minority fellowship program.

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Development And Justice Initiative (DAJI)

DAJI is registered in New Delhi as a public charitable Trust and works on issues of justice, human rights, and dignity for marginalised communities. DAJI  works with urban migrant workers, refugees, displaced people, stateless persons, minorities and Indigenous peoples. Concerned with protection, rights and entitlements of children, women and people with disabilities. DAJI also provides support to people-led advocacy initiatives and campaigns.

Development And Justice Initiative (DAJI) was initiated by Ravi Hemadri in 2011 and it brought together activists, researchers and campaigners engaged in promoting the rights and access to justice for Adivasis and Indigenous People’s, refugees and migrant workers.

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Citizenship Affected Persons Network (CAPN)

Citizenship Affected Persons Network (CAPN) is an organisation registered in Nepal advocating for legal reform and providing crucial support to stateless and affected individuals in Nepal. With affected persons taking the lead, CAPN spearheads initiatives aimed at addressing the pressing issue of statelessness

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