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22 Nov, 2022

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NFA has updated our website to include information about our activities in the last two years, add downloadable resources such as the UPR submissions done by SNAP and NFA  in collaboration with various CSOs on statelessness and upload more information about the situation of statelessness in the Asia Pacific region

NFA and CAPN jointly produced a podcast on statelessness titled ‘State of Statelessness’. The State of Statelessness (SOS) is an audio-video podcast series dedicated to the stories of persons affected by the discriminatory citizenship legal provisions in Nepal. Where stateless persons, lawyers, and activists shared their stories of being affected by statelessness or working on the issue. NFA also produced a citizenship video highlighting the discriminatory citizenship provisions in the constitution, and the consequences of it reflected in the new Citizenship Amendment Bill. Both the citizenship video and the SOS podcasts can be found on the website.

In the coming months, NFA will be uploading additional studies on statelessness after the launch of our forthcoming report Statelessness Encyclopedia Asia Pacific (SEAP). This report will cover a broad understanding of the legal and administrative frameworks as they apply to citizenship regimes of all countries across the Asia-Pacific Region. SEAP would provide regional and sub-regional overviews with regions defined as East Asia, the Pacific, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

NFA will be posting more information about our history as SNAP, and the amazing work done by the former members of SNAP. Please check out our updated website and share your feedback with us.