NFA organized a strategic planning meeting

01 May, 2023 - May 3, 2023

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NFA organized a strategic planning meeting

NFA organized a strategic planning meeting and advocacy workshop from 1-3 May 2023 for its national partners, particularly from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Malaysia. The event involved a series of interactive and collaborative activities aimed at engaging partners in critical reflections and conversations about their desired change, barriers, and strategies for achieving change.

These conversations facilitated the exchange of knowledge and fostered solidarity among national partners from across the region. A particularly noteworthy activity was the ‘Spinning Plates’ exercise, where participants were individually asked to think about various aspects of their organization. These aspects included clarity of purpose, capacity, organizational procedures, sustainability, usability, and fit for purpose. Participants were asked to evaluate the positives and negatives with respect to each category. Additionally, participants worked within their organizations to develop a strategic plan for their respective organizations that encompassed mission, vision, principles, core values, approach, internal-facing goals, partners, risks and a mitigation plan. Participants found this particularly useful. As one participant expressed, it was instrumental in prompting them to consider internal goals, in addition to external-facing advocacy goals, which are vital for the sustainability of the campaign and ensuring the effective implementation of programs.

List of Participants

1Ravi HemadriDevelopment and Justice Initiative (DAJI) – India
2Anjuman Ara BegumRight to Nationality and Citizenship Network (RNCN) – India
3Maalini Ramalo DHRAA
3Khalid HussainCouncil of Minorities (CoM) – Bangladesh
4Laura GoodwinNAMATI
5Mustafa MahmoudNAMATI
6Bina RamanandFamily Frontiers – Malaysia
7Melinda Anne SharliniFamily Frontiers – Malaysia
8Deepti GurungCitizenship Affected People’s Network (CAPN) – Nepal
9Dechen LamaCitizenship Affected People’s Network (CAPN) – Nepal
10Ranju Magar / Neha GurungCitizenship Affected People’s Network (CAPN) – Nepal
11Subin MulmiNationality For All (NFA)
12Kritagya RaiNationality For All (NFA)
13Shuchi PurohitNationality For All (NFA)
14Prasanna Nirmal AryalNationality For All (NFA)
15Amal de ChickeraInstitute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI)
16Grant MitchellInstitute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI)
17Sangita BajulaiyeInstitute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI)
18Catherine Harrington Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights (GCENR)
19Yasah MusaNubian Rights Forum
10Aleksejs IvashukApartheid Network
21Liesl MullerCentre for Child Law