Sauhard Rai

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Sauhard Rai is an undergraduate from Kathmandu School Of Law. He has just recently completed his five-year course of Bachelors of Arts Legisum Laterum Bachelor (B.A.LLB). He worked as an intern at FWLD where his area of focus was on “Access To Justice for Women and the Marginalised Communities” during COVID-19 period. He was involved in legal research and reporting along with reviewing the various field data conducted on such subject matters. Intrigued by the disparities and discrimination of the Nepalese legal system, he shifted his focus towards citizenship laws of Nepal where he did his Bachelor’s thesis on the topic, “Gender-Based Justice Focusing on Discriminatory Citizenship Laws of Nepal.” Furthermore, he has also worked as a contractual consultant with a NGO wherein he prepared a report on statelessness and citizenship status of refugees in Nepal. Thus, his keen interest and commitment is focused on ensuring fundamental rights of citizens and individuals guaranteed by the Constitution, such as access to justice, citizenship, gender equality, and gender based justice.