Nationality for All is seeking an innovative, passionate and experienced leader based in Asia to provide strategic direction and manage Nationality for All’s operations, towards the realisation of its vision: that the rights of all people affected by statelessness in the Asia-Pacific region are realised. Nationality for All values diversity, equality and inclusivity. Applications are welcome from all backgrounds. We especially encourage people with lived experience of statelessness to apply.

Please send your application in Word or PDF format
to [email protected] with subject line “Application: Executive Director”.

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Applications close 5pm Bangkok time on 19 February 2021

A Message from the Executive Director

With COVID-19 creating clear challenges and barriers in the region for all organisations, including on travel and connection to communities and partners, I have recommended, and which has been supported by the Board, that NFA’s leadership be based in the region as a strategic and sustainable model moving forward while allowing for a greater ability to connect and exchange with partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

My role in this transition phase has enabled a strong organisational base for Nationality for All. The core structural, governance and strategic work undertaken allows the next phase of the organisation to focus on regional leadership leveraging their expertise and vision, a next natural phase for the organisation to really impact and support stateless communities.

I am proud to have taken on this development role and will continue to support the organisation and the Board in its work ahead to establish regionally-based leadership and in supporting the new Executive Director.

I was thrilled to have been asked to lead the organisation in its development to a registered NGO while I finished my PHD and to use my 20-year experience in working with civil society, including in starting-up new NGOs.

It has been so encouraging and positive to see the enthusiasm and the support for the new organisation emerge from across the region and the globe. 

I am looking forward to focusing further on my work on engaging governments on human rights including to support our shared vision for nationality and rights for all.


Grant Mitchell

A message from the board

Over the past two years we have been privileged to have benefited from Grant Mitchell’s vision and direction to realise the launch of Nationality for All, drawing from his 20 years of experience in supporting and developing NGOs. The establishment of Nationality for All’s legal and governance structure and the commencement of critical mapping and consultation processes under his leadership has prepared the organisation to move into its next phase of work.

Grant, together with the Board, have now established that in light of ongoing challenges related to COVID-19 in Asia, the most strategic and sustainable next step for the organisation is to move to a regionally-based leadership model. It is now clear with new strains of COVID-19 and barriers to universal vaccine access, we are likely to see further and longer restrictions on movement in the Asia-Pacific region. These restrictions are likely to most significantly impact travel between Australia and Asia.

Therefore, in light of these ongoing restrictions, the most effective way for the Executive Director to productively connect and exchange with partners in the region is by being based in Asia. This decision to move to a regionally-based leadership model also supports the Board’s goal of a representative secretariat in the region.

While Grant will move from the Executive Director role in March 2021, he will continue to work with Nationality for All to assist the Board and new Executive Director in their transition to a regionally-based leadership model. The Board is extremely proud of all that Grant has achieved for Nationality for All and grateful for all of his incredible work. We look forward to continuing to work with him throughout the transition and following his many future successes.

We remain available to discuss any questions you may have on the transition or to field questions on the job advertisement from potential applicants.

Thank you for your support of Nationality for All and SNAP over the years.