We are pleased to announce that Subin Mulmi has joined NFA as our new Executive Director.

In January 2021  the NFA Board commenced a recruitment process for an Executive Director to be based in Asia. We have now concluded the recruitment process and we are absolutely thrilled to have Subin Mulmi leading NFA’s operations. Subin is well known in the statelessness sector. A Nepal based lawyer, researcher and activist, Subin was recently the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Advisor at Mercy Corps in Jumla, Nepal. He worked as the Programme Coordinator and subsequently the Senior Legal Advisor for Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD). During his work on a project on ‘citizenship rights’ supported by UNHCR, Subin led the national citizenship campaign in Nepal which resulted in the successful amendment of the draft constitutional provisions on citizenship.  His leadership was instrumental in bringing about other law and policy changes to address statelessness in Nepal. Additionally, Subin litigated more than 40 cases on behalf of stateless persons before the Supreme Court of Nepal, resulting in them being able to acquire Nepali citizenship. One of the key highlights of his work was his tireless effort to create a network of stateless persons from all over the country. Through this network he ensured that the interests of the stateless persons are always kept in the forefront and that they are active participants of the strategic planning and implementation process to address statelessness. Subin has a Master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University where he focused on Gender Studies and Human Rights. He applies a strong feminist lens in all his work and writings. He has conducted a number of academic and non-academic studies on citizenship and statelessness, in particular on ‘in-situ or non-migratory statelessness’.

We are very glad to welcome Subin to NFA. We would also like to thank Grant Mitchell, NFA’s former Executive Director, for his continued and valuable support during this transition period.

 Subin officially began his role on 1 May 2021. He is based out of Kathmandu, Nepal and can be contacted on [email protected]org.