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New report on birth registration

Friday, May 30, 2014

The IOS has recently published a major study with Plan Internationl and the Coram Children's Legal Centre on birth registration and children's rights.  IOS team members, Brad Blitz, Mark Fielder, Rajith Lakshman, Maureen Lynch all contributed to the report.

Summary: Birth registration is a fundamental right of all children and a basic function of all modern governments. So, given the extensive anticipated benefits of birth registration, there has been increasing interest from development organisations in implementing programmes on birth registration in countries with low rates of registration.But there is a significant lack of empirical research that explores the effects of birth registration, and if and how it benefits children in practice.Plan’s new research in India, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Vietnam reveals the results of an investigation into the impact of birth registration. What emerges is a complex picture of the interrelationship between children’s rights and birth registration.As a result, the report makes a series of important recommendations for governments and development partners.

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