The International Observatory on Statelessness

Dalit in Nepal

  1. The Dalit have lived in the Terai for generations
  2. In some areas of the Terai up to 90% of Dalit are landless.
  3. Dalit men are unskilled laborers.
  4. A group of Dalit sit in a tractor-pulled wagon.
  5. Four-year-old Dalit girl in Gobindapur village.
  6. In early 2007 mobile citizenship units were sent out across the country.
  7. A Dalit man and his grandson rest in the morning.
  8. A Dalit man carries firewood in Dhodhana to sell in the markets of Lahan.
  9. A Dalit man pays his respects to his mother who has recently passed away.
  10. It is estimated that up to 80% of Dalit are illiterate in some areas of the Terai.