The International Observatory on Statelessness
  1. Overcrowding plagues every Bihari camp.
  2. Urdu-speaking Bihari in Bangladesh
  3. A 60-year-old man in Pat Godam Camp
  4. 'Allah is one and Mohammed is His Prophet.'
  5. Two young boys work behind textile looms in Football Camp in Dhaka.
  6. Left by her husband, this 20-year-old girl has no family to help support her and her young baby.
  7. 4000 people live in Kurmi Tola Camp in the Mirpur district of Dhaka
  8. Two in five babies born to the Bihari live to the age of five.
  9. A sick 75 year-old-man sits alone in his room in Pat Godam Camp in Mymensingh.
  10. Bihari youth gather at a rally in Talab Camp in Dhaka.